Social Responsibility

At SquaredDirect we have a mission to provide support to international and local communities through voluntary actions and charitable donations with the involvement of our stakeholders (managers, employees, customers, investors, shareholders).


The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society (established in 1971) is a registered Charity Organisation that cares for people with cancer providing them with complete Palliative Care Services in line with international standards. Their aim is to support the patients’ families and caregivers, but also inform the wider public about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and relief.

SquaredDirect supports the cause of The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.  We call on every person who is willing to help in fighting cancer to offer a donation at their own discretion



Karaiskakio Foundation is a non – profit organization established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Today, by setting a dynamic vision “for a world without leukemia”, it combines volunteering and specialized scientific support, in order to serve the needs of patients with haematological malignancies both effectively and efficiently.

SquaredDirect is supporting this cause with donations to the foundation. We are encouraging everyone to donate and join the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry, giving the opportunity to volunteer donors from Cyprus to help any patient in the world in need of bone marrow transplantation.

Donate for a world without Leukemia by visiting the Karaiskakio Foundation.

PASYKAF: The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients & Friends

PASYKAF: The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients & Friends​
Founded in 1986 by 21 persons with previous cancer experience and their devoted friends, PASYKAF has evolved into an organisation with thousands of members and supporters with the aim of offering professional health services, prevention programs and relief care to cancer patients. Their vision is to change the mentality of all societal levels including scientists and politicians regarding cancer and its treatment to make patients feel that they have the support of everyone and usher in a new era of cancer treatment and prevention for all. SquaredDirect wholeheartedly supports PASYKAF and its noble cause. We call on every person who is willing to help in fighting cancer to offer a donation at their own discretion by clicking on the Donate button.



Recycling helps protect the environment With Recycling the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials
is significantly reduced These processes create substantial air and water pollution so keeping them at a minimum is beneficial towards the environment Additionally, recycling saves energy which consequently reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps deal with climate change

At SquaredDirect we proactively recycle all disposed paper, plastic and metal as part of our social responsibility causes, programs and activities


The Dancing Queen Foundation was founded as a tribute to Dr. Yiota Demetriou whose ambition to help children in the field of child psychology was cut short due to a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver.  This cause aims to raise awareness regarding drinking and driving and improve children’s psychological health and well-being by supporting programs which raise funds and awareness in support of educational and clinical programs.

SquaredDirect and its employees are supporting this cause with donations to the foundation and having participated in the 9th Annual Charity Walk that took place on the 5th of November 2016 in Limassol, Cyprus

If you wish to donate to this cause please visit the Dancing Queen Foundation website.